Care Of Hands And Feet During The Summer

While the summer time is warm and requires far fewer precautions than the winter season, summer is not entirely without hazards of its own. While dehydration and heat stroke are not quite as immediately intimidating as the frostbite and freezing, they do none the less need to be accounted for, whether it’s through planning one’s day to spend a reasonable amount of time indoors with air conditioning, consuming a larger than normal amount of water (and planning for subsequent bathroom breaks) or just using sunscreen in particularly harsh locales, summertime does need to be adapted to just as readily as winter.
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One particular matter of summer time self-care is the hands and feet. While being outdoors can often feel good, particularly the summer in Palos Heights, the lack of cold temperatures means more options for not covering up, summer seasons do call for certain precautions to be done when caring for one’s extremities. This is for a number of reasons, the most basic of which is sweat. Sweat can be a harsh thing on hands and feet, and it gets particularly prolific in the summer time. Also of note in the summer time is that dryness can create damage to the skin and nails, which again offers a bit of a problem for keeping one’s hands and feet clean in the summer time. Further, the fact that mosquitoes plague vast swathes of the world and attack any exposed area of the skin, whereupon these vermin readily spread a dizzying array of unpleasant contagions, must also be accounted for.

Summertime care of the hands and feet is, however, a fairly simple matter that simply needs to be planned for. As in any season, hands should be washed with relative frequency. While hand sanitizer is certainly a good thing to have in an emergency, it is not really a substitute for washing one’s hands with soap and water with regularity. Because of the heat, hands will often sweat and should be exposed to air from time to time to keep them from getting too sweaty. In particularly dry regions, one’s hands may start drying up and getting cracked. While dry hands are certainly not an emergency, cracking can allow for a number of viruses and bacteria to enter the body and if cracking and drying become noticeable, it is likely a good idea to start moisturizing one’s hands until the cracking of the skin fades away.

Taking care of the feet is likewise a matter of frequent hygiene. Washing one’s feet every day is important, usually during one’s daily bath or shower. However, in the heat of the summer, sweat can build up in shoes and the moist, oftentimes fetid environment in shoes holding sweaty feet can provide the opportunity for foot fungi to take root in the skin and nails. To avoid this, it is advisable to change one’s socks with great frequency. Wearing sandals is certainly acceptable as well, but in a region with a great deal of mosquitoes, one must prepare for them to bite their feet, likely with a natural insect repellent rubbed on the feet before leaving the home.